Agricultural – Horse Barns, Kennels, and Riding Arenas

When providing services to these very specialized areas it is important to have some knowledge about them. We have provided service to existing farms owners who were expanding their existing space to new ground up facilities who provide services to their clients for boarding as well as lessons. We worked with owners to make their dreams come true.

Special Lighting for a Riding ArenaWhen dealing with spaces that house animals there are many things to take into consideration. Do you want heated water for the horses so their water does not freeze in the winter? Are you going to heat the floors so the environment is comfortable for humans as well as animals? Are you going to be providing riding lessons where you want to be able to record them so they can review and quickly correct mistakes? Are these things that someone who didn’t do this would even ask? Probably not!Special LIghting for  a Kennel

If you are looking to expand or create a new facility please let us know and we would be happy to help you through your first rodeo!