Dock Power and Lighting

Example of installed dock power pedestal

Power Pedistals:

Here on the coast we are lucky to enjoy the benefits of being on the water. With that being said if you own water front property you probably have a boat. We install power pedestals for you to hook up to power right at the dock.  These power pedestals come in many different configurations to suit your specific needs.   As you can see from this picture you can get not only power but cable, dock light and water right where you need it.

Dock Lighting:

We install dock lighting, too, which is not only beautiful it provides you with a safer dock. There are many different types of lighting options you can use.  Many people are looking into the LED lighting for the lower cost of power and the longevity of the lamps.  Recently there was an install of LED that were put into the docking so it lit up the walk way from the ground!

With this speciality installation, you should schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians so they can visit your dock site and accurately evaluate your needs.