Commercial Property Manager knows Paul Foley Electric is Dependable

“As a property manager, it is a pleasure doing business with Paul Foley Electric.  This company is dependable, reliable and gets the job done when they say they will.  I have been doing business with Paul Foley Electric for approximately five years.  In that time, this company has performed electrical services at several properties within my portfolio. Their customer service is outstanding and the information/recommendations they convey to their patrons is always presented in a manner that is easy to understand and in accordance with electrical code regulations per the district of the project location. I have come to rely on Paul Foley Electric’s knowledge in these areas and have no qualms with trusting their advice in any given circumstance.

In my opinion, Paul Foley Electric clearly demonstrates an unsurpassed skill level of competence through their knowledge and first rate quality of work. As a result of numerous positive experiences, I have and will continue to recommend Paul Foley Electric to anyone looking for a qualified electrical contractor. This company really and truly is a credit to the electrical trade. ”

Lisa Newton, Regional Property Manager
KGI Properties, LLC
Providence, RI