Other Commercial Services

Power Quality Analyzer and Reporting – Record Meter Services

We record energy use (kWh) and log all parameters for all types of power studies. We can monitor 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz systems and log RMS voltage over time (days/weeks/months). It shows power quality events like voltage sags, swells and impulses that can be causing power issues. This can be done on AC single or three phase circuits or load and on DC and 400 Hz system. Every cycle is examined and then a detailed report is given to be used in determining present and future load need.

We can provide this service to owners, architects and engineers to help them evaluate current demand on existing services for future expansion on existing facilities.




Commercial Services - Bucket Truck RentalsBucket Truck Service

Many of our commercial customers require bucket truck services to handle any of their building and parking lot lighting needs.

Parking lot lighting and building lighting are very important to commercial property owners.  Not only do they make your property look good but also help deter crime.  Well-lit properties also make customers feel safer when going to these properties a night…If this is a service you required please give us a call.