Generator Sales, Service, and Installation

Certified Kohler Generator Sales, Service and Installation

Since 1992, Paul Foley Electric and Generator has provided Massachusetts residents and businesses with quality electrical service. As part of that service we sell, install, service and maintain automatic backup generator systems. We handle everything – permits, clearances, propane, inspections. One call does it all.

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We are a factory trained Kohler Generator Authorized dealer. We have chosen to represent Kohler products due to their outstanding service and factory support. Our relationship with the factory enables us to give superior pricing as well as top of the line service.

The Process is Simple.

We start with an on-time appointment to review and assess your generator needs. We provide a detailed estimate of all costs in a timely manner. We will review the detailed estimate with you to answer any questions you may have. Once you are ready to move forward we would sign the agreement and put you on the schedule for installation. Throughout the process and beyond, we will provide the kind of service that you would expect from your authorized dealer.

Residential Generators

Let’s face it, we live in New England, and we have some of the most diverse weather in the country. Having a home generator is a great comfort when you live in areas where power can be an issue in the winter or in the summer. Just like any equipment you put in your home it is an investment but it is also a great selling point…

Never worry about being without power again. With an automatic transfer switch your generator will keep the power running even if you are not home. Nothing gives you peace of mind more than knowing that your home and family are safe during a power outage.

Automatic transfer switches start the power to your home in seconds when there is a power failure. When the power comes back on the automatic transfer switch shuts the generator down and you are getting your power through the regular utility service again.

Manual transfer switches are another option. Usually used with portable generator systems, it requires you to manually start the generator and then turn on the switches that are hooked up to your service panel. Obviously there is more to it than just that. This option is much less expensive and will give you limited power to run the important items such as; refrigerator, well pump, furnace, just to name a few. The number of circuits you can run depends upon the size of the generator you choose. In this application we would work with you to determine the right system for your needs and budget.

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Commercial Generators

Commercial Generator Sales and Installtion

Businesses sometimes require generator systems to back up their power needs during power outages. This application is particularly important to Hospitals, providers of health services, grocery, and convenience stores. Health services need to keep the power going to provide services to the patients. Grocery and convenience stores need to protect valuable products from spoiling as well as to have them available to customers who may need supplies. And of course businesses need to keep the power on so they don’t lose valuable production time or product loss.

Each business is unique so what works for one may not be the right application for another. There are many different solutions and configurations and each can be developed to suit your needs.

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