Residential Electrical Panels

Keep your home electrical panel in good repairWhether you are building a new home and need an electrical service installed or have an older home that is in need of an upgrade we are happy to provide you with an estimate.

Did you know that you should have your electrical panel serviced every few years? The life of an electrical service is approximately 20 to 30 years. Just like any piece of equipment in your home it should be cleaned out and checked to make sure everything is in proper order… When a new electrical service is installed it is up to current electrical code. Older services are not and things have changed quite a bit.

Home Electric Meter with DisconnectThe example (right) shows a new electrical service for a home that has its meter socket (the box the meter is in) and the electrical panel (the panel that the breaker are in) that are not located in what is called “immediately upon entry”.  An example of this would be if your meter is at the front of your house and the electrical panel is in the back of your house. Code now requires this type of install to have a disconnect switch located at the meter.

Home Electric Meter with no disconnectThis picture (left) is of a standard install, meaning the meter socket is located  “immediately upon entry”.  No meter disconnect is required for this type of installation.  Another chance in regard to both types of installation is that the wire coming from the weather head (the connection where the power company connects to your house). It is now required that the wire to the meter socket and then to the house need to be in conduit.  In the past the wire was just attached with clamps to the side of the house.