Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

If you are installing an above ground pool, in-ground pool or hot tub/spa or Jacuzzi you need a licensed electrician to do the installation. The electrical code for these types of installations is very specific.

Above ground and in ground pools need to have an electrical ground run a specific distance and depth around the circumference of the pool. They are then bonded to certain locations depending upon the type of pool being installed.  Hot tubs and spas installed outdoor require an emergency shutoff switch or control switch for the purpose of stopping the motor in case of an emergency.  There are many requirements for pools and spa. The most important reason you need to have this done right is that this is what protects your family from the dangers of electricity and water, they don’t mix!

We used Paul Foley Electric on multiple occasions over the last two years. Paul was first recommended to me by the Sunshine Pool Company to do the electric work for our new in ground pool. At the time we had Paul and his crew do several other smaller projects and we were so satisfied with their work that we called him back to do all of the electrical work on our new kitchen as well. Paul not only did the work, but he made some suggestions that proved to be invaluable in making the kitchen even better than we had envisioned.
-Don, Bridgewater, MA